Our waiting list

Are you hoping to join our waiting list for a current or possible upcoming kitten? First, fill out a Kitten Questionnaire/Application. We will be in touch quickly. Please do not send a deposit until we have had a chance to talk with you.
Are you looking for a pet quality or show/alter kitten sooner? Please contact us and we would be happy to put you in contact with reputable Ragdoll breeders in OK, TX, LA, and NM that may have kittens sooner than us.

****Waiting List for Pet or Show/Alter Kittens****

Christina G. (Bicolor male)(Deposit received)
Julie T. (coming back for 2nd kitten female)
Linda B. (Blue Lynx Mitted M/F)(Deposit Received)
John B. (show quality Seal Bicolor male)(Deposit received)
*Candace H. (Blue Point or Blue Point Mitted male) (Deposit received)
Collins family (coming back for 2nd kitten
Deniz F. (coming back for 2nd kitten)
Theresa M. (Female Kitten)(Deposit received)
Liz B. (2 kittens from Ayano)(Deposit received)
Allyse W. (coming back for 2nd kitten, boy)
Angela M. (coming back from the 2nd kitten, (Blue Bi boy)
Kayley M. (deposit sent)
Kaytlin N. (Deposit sent)
James M. (Deposit sent)
Chris F. (Bicolor boy)

*indicates waiting for future litters

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