Madelyn Grace and Sophia Rose

Date of Birth: March 28th, 2008 to CH. FamilytimeRags Koda Bear and TGC Palacedolls Serafina
We are sisters that just celebrated our 4th birthday. Look at us when we were little, weren't we cute!!
My family loves and spoils us both, along with our other siblings Daisy and Tobie, and our new Ragdoll "sister" Bella. (You will meet her in a future spotlight.) Sadly, our other brother Popeye passed away last year. When we have been very good we get yummy salmon flavored treats, we also like to bug Mom and Dad when they are eating anything chicken! We both have lots of nicknames. Madison Grace is affectionately called Maddie, or Maddie Girl, and Sophia Rose is Sophie, or Sophie Belles.

We are both very playful! So playful we're more lively than any Las Vegas hotels. Maddie can be so funny when she bites the end of a feather toy and drags it around the house, she starts meowing, telling us all about her find. We also both love furry micey men. We also know Mom and Dad are very proud of us when we "catch" the furry micey men, so we bring them proudly to them. Sometimes we like to keep our micey men safe in our water bowl, we know we will find them easily that way. Our other favorite toy is a mylar ball, and we can really get going playing hockey all the way down the tile hallway!! Our hallway is as big as what you see in any London hotels! It is also a lot of fun when Mom or Dad is on the computer to chase the mouse cursor. Sophie still remembers our kitten hood, and likes to knead a big stuffed teddy bear. Maddie likes to get in our Mom's lap and suckle on a blanket. Mom thought she would grow out of it, but she still does it.

After a long day with our kitty siblings, playing with our favorite toys, and getting lots of love from Mom and Dad, we like to place our paws under the faucet and drink the water from our paws. Then, you can find us sleeping. As cats we have LOTS of favorite sleeping places, like chairs, cat trees, our human's bed. Maddie's absolute favorite place is next to a ceramic roster on the dining table. We also like to snuggle up together on a blanket covered box, in front of a window. We also like to sleep in a bathroom sink.

Well, thank you for reading a day in the life of Maddie and Sophie!! As you can see we are very loved and couldn't have a better human family!

We would like to thank Ron and Cindi, for always keeping in touch, and allowing our family to watch Maddie and Sophie to grow and change along with their kitty friends. If you would like to see more pictures of Maddie and Sophie, from babyhood over the past year, please click on our Look how we have grown. Also to see our previous spotlights please click Past Spotlight Ragdolls.

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