Our Friends Around the World.

We thank you all for your kind words. It means so much to our family. You all have become friends and family to us. Thank you for allowing us to watch our babies grow up and for loving them so much.

"Charles and Stormi were very informed and could answer every question. They were very good about sending pictures every week so we could see our baby grow. Our kitten, Boudreaux was healthy, clean and socialized. He also responded to his name! We had no trouble adjusting him to our dog. Not a single hiss or scratch! The dog sure appreciated that! Our first vet check up after purchase went smoothly and the Doctor was charmed. We have only had Boudreaux 4 days and I cannot imagine not having him in our lives
Kris St.Clair
Glenn Heights, TX 75154
Familytimerags Boudreaux

"Stormi is one of the best breeders around. She is very caring, loving and is very worthy to be on the top of the Ragdoll Breeder's List. Kudos to her." (Arkansas)
Barb Edison
Familytimerags Gracie

"Loving family, very mindful of kitten health and happiness. Excellent communication throughout. Would definitely recommend. " (Oklahoma)
Robin Stowe
Familytimerags Truffles

"Family Time Rags is excellent. We actually live out of state and had our kitten shipped to us. The process was very smooth and we felt very informed. I am already thinking of getting another kitten! Our kitten was very healthy upon arrival and continues to Wow our vet at every visit. " (California)
Melissa Leseberg
Familytimerags Custard

"I have a 2 year old male, he came to us well socialized and Stormi and her family have stayed in contact, I would very much recommend Familytime Rags to anyone."(Oklahoma)
R. Tullis
Familytimerags Pink

"I recently purchased a kitten from Familytime Rags and have already recommended them to several of my friends. The kittens/cats are extremely well cared for, well socialized, and healthy. Stormi & Charles are very professional and knowledgeable of the breed and it's evident that they love all of their kittens/cats." (Oklahoma)
Melodie Turnbow
Familytimerags Rio

"We bought two year old male cats that are fabulous! They are very loving and absolutely gorgeous! Both are healthy and happy big boys! GREAT breeders! " (Oklahoma)
Cheri Quillen
Familytimerags Jax and Bentley

"Familytime Rags is a 5 Star Breeder." (Missouri)
Helena Durham
Familytimerags Waffles and Princess

"FamilyTime Rags are the best, highly recommend. Great healthy and happy babies come from Family Time Rags. Thanks Stormi " (Oklahoma)
Amber Pryor
Familytimerags Achilles

"Our kitten continues to amaze us... he came completely litter & scratching post trained. Such a sweet disposition... we also took the kitten's mother... a retiring queen... and it was a terrific decision. Both Momma & Kitten are perfectly healthy and happy! I have no problem recommending Stormi as a Ragdoll breeder! Thanks, Melissa Slamb" (Missouri)
Melissa Slamb
Familytimerags Magic and Miss Marie

"They were extremely helpful when answering all my questions. Our new kitten came into our home with three other cats and had no problem adjusting to the new environment. He was completely litter trained - after a couple of days of having his litter in a separate room, he found the big cat's litter on his own and used it from then on. So smart! Familytime Rags has an extremely generous health guarantee and I felt so comfortable dealing with them in the month prior to picking up my kitten, and then with questions thereafter. Thanks SO much, Stormi! "(Oklahoma)
Sheryl Reeder
Familytimerags Jax

"Stormi helped my daughter and I mourn the loss of our ragdoll Jerry when we were looking to add another addition to our family. Stormi and her family are extremely caring and compassionate people. They even sent us weekly pictures and emails of our cat Milo before we came to OK to pick him up. " (Arkansas)
Veronica F
Familytimerags Milo

"Excellent!! of course. Sarabi is just beautiful and keeps changing. Stormi and her husband both spent an extensive amount of time with me and my husband, letting us know just what is and isn't about the Ragdoll." (Oklahoma)
Kim Walker
Familytimerags Sarabi

"Stormi is a great breeder! She is very helpful and her kittens are very healthy." (Oklahoma)
Madison Kilbury
Familytimerags Lola Bella and Nala

"They are great breeders.They breed beautiful kitties and do everything they can to satisfy the clients. They are the best!!!! " (Greece)
Elena Bikou
Familytimerags Melis

"They are great!!! The made my daughter's dreams to get a ragdoll cat come true.I'm very thankful to them! They are really helpful. " (Greece)
Dimitrios Bikos
Familytimerags Melis

"I am very thankful to Stormie and family for my new ragdoll "Annie". (I submited a comment but forgot to give my name, so here goes again.) She has really become my kitty. She is so smart and loves to retieve her mouse and ball. I love keeping in touch with this family and recommend them as breeders." (California)
Annette F.
Familytimerags Annie

"In reading over the other comments, I don't know how I can say more. Stormi and Charles are the only breeders on my ragdoll list now. In 2001, I got a beautiful ragdoll male from a breeder in New Jersey, and Ely absolutely became "my heart". In 2006 he almost died from heart disease (HCM) which is genetically linked to this breed. He had 1 more year of good quality life before he finally passed away in July, 2007. I was heartbroken and still miss him tremendously. But I have another ragdoll that needed a buddy and so I was looking for a breeder who REALLY knew about these cats and about this terrible disease. Stormi and I had many email conversations about how they ensure their cats' health. Their committment is astounding - I know all of the testing they do with their breeding cats is tremendously expensive (I incurred these expenses and more with Ely), but they go that extra mile to ensure they have healthy kittens. I know of no other breeder that is so consciencous. They are compassionate and warm and terrific as people. I felt safe "adopting" one of their babes, because I knew the caring home she was coming from. Now, after having Abigail (Abby) for about a month, the old pain of losing Ely is still there. But I have this really wonderful warm spot in my heart where Abby now resides. Thank you, Stormi and CJ, for helping me find another wonderful ragdoll !! (If I ever decide to get a 3rd ragdoll, I KNOW who I'm going to.) " (Pennsylvania)
Elaine Balyeat
Familytimerags Abigail "Abby"

"Stormi and Charles are awesome! They were so helpful with everything. I love my kitty!!! He's gorgeous. I would definitely recommend Stormi to anyone and everyone. Her and her family really care about their kitties and it shows enormously. "(Oklahoma)
Laura Phelan
Familytimerags Pouncer

"Working with Charles and Stormi was a great experience. They always responded quickly to emails and phone calls, making the process move quickly once I decided to get their kittens. I purchased two brothers, and they are very well mannered and adjusting very quickly to their new home. My vet said I had an exceptional pair of kittens. He was very impressed. I have already recommended Family Time Rags to several people. If I ever want another kitten, I know exactly where I will go." (Texas)
Nita Robinson
Familytimerags Jake and Familytimerags Elwood
Familytimerags Eva and Familytimerags Zsa Zsa

"We just bought 2 kittens from the Nells and they are perfect in everyway. The Nells are great breeders and I would highly recommend them. "(Oklahoma)
Wendy Akeman
Familytimerags Joose, Familytimerags Boo, Familytimerags Izzy

"Dear Charles and Stormi, Here are Bella and Coco's vet visit reports. They are beautiful and all is well. They slept most of the night in our bed. They are eating and playing and running up and down the stairs like troupers. Coco gives kisses and Bella likes belly rubs. They love their kitty condo and all their toys. Thank you for doing such a great job with them. We'll send pictures very soon. Happy Holidays!!" (Missouri)
Dave, Ginny, and Matt Lindsey
Familytimerags Isabella Blue and Familytimerags Coco Chanel

"Stormi and Charles are the most wonderful breeders, I live in South Africa and nothing was to much trouble for them,they made sure Kenai was the right kitten for my family and they made sure he got to us safely. I would get another kitten from them in a heartbeat." (South Africa)
Kerry Lee Ferrucci
Familytimerags Kenai

"We had a wonderful experience with Family Time Rags. They were patient with our inquiries and questions, professional and friendly. The kitten we purchased was happy, healthy...just beautiful. This was our first purchase of a Ragdoll, which we had longed for for almost 20 years, and couldn't be happier. If you are considering a Ragdoll of your own, we highly recommend Family Time Rags to anyone trusting that they too would have the same great experience. " (Oklahoma)
S. Livingston
Familytimerags Boots

"I would definately recommend Familytime Rags to anyone. We adopted Angel, a retired mamma and we just love her. She is absolutely beautiful and very sweet. She came into a home with two other cats and at first we had some issues. Stormi had some very good suggestions that worked. She cares very much about what happens to her cats once they are in new homes. " (Missouri)
Angela Smith
Familytimerags Angel

"I couldn't have chosen a better breeder. I wanted a Ragdoll after seeing a picture of one and researching about their dispostion and good nature. FamilyTime Rags does everything to promote the breed's reputation in this regard. The little female, Itty-Bit, which I brought home, is the most loving and affectionatate little cat I have ever been with. She is fully trained and the Nell family are all Five Star people. " (Texas)
Bob Sammons
Familytimerags Itty-Bit

"Familytime Rags is a 5 star breeders." (Oklahoma)
Dimity McCool
Familytimerags Gandalf

"I absolutely love Stormi and Charles! I got a beautiful boy 2 months ago and he is absolutely amazing. He was very well socialized and I could tell he was loved on before I got him. I have kept in contact with them and even saw Charles at Bandit's last vet appointment and he recognized him right away. They are definately 5 star breeders and I have recommended them to everyone that sees Bandit. " (Oklahoma)
Kathryn Kolar
Familytimerags Bandit

"Im from Chile and Stormi and Charles made possible for Godzilla to be home with us. They really care for their cats, and the kittens are healthy and loving. The whole process was really simple. Totally recomendable. Pilar Prado " (Greece)
Pilar Prado
Familytimerags Godzilla

"Stormi and Charles were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have two male kittens that are undoubtabley the cutest and healthiest kittens ever! They are very socialable and it was obvious when I picked them up that they had been raised with the family. I couldn't be happier and am currently working with Stormi to get an additional kitten for my mom. I would highly recommend Stormi and her cat/kittens if anyone is looking for a good breeder. Susan K " (Oklahoma)
Susan K.
Familytimerags Sebastian and Familytimerags Max

"Stormi and Charles of Familytime Rags are the Best! We recently purchased two female kittens from them. The girls are beautiful and the quality and care of the breeding shows in every detail. The process was smooth and we couldn't be happier. When we picked up Maddie and Sophie they were fully litter trained, well socialized, and very loving. They quickly adapted to our home and our other cats. Stormi and Charles are very knowledgeable and compassionate breeders that truly love the Ragdoll breed. They were always quick to answer any questions we had. They sent us weekly updates and pictures of our girls. Our vet has said the kittens are exceptional in every way! We continue to stay in touch with the Nells regarding various questions, and feel that they are not only the breeders of our girls, but have become friends. When the time comes to get another kitten, we will not hesitate to contact Stormi and Charles. We have complete confidence in recommending Familytime Rags to anyone wishing to adopt a Ragdoll. Thanks so much!" (Oklahoma)
Cindi Stevens
Familytimerags Madelyn Grace and Familytimerags Sophia Rose

"If you are reading these comments because you are looking for a breeder. Look no further. Stormi and Charles are the best. They honestly care about the well being of all their kittens/cats, also about the families they go to. Our little girl Arrah Mae is such a joy. She is loving, playful, healthy, and a great addition to our family. Everything a Ragdoll should be and more. Thank you Stormi and Charles for our "Purrfect" little girl." (Arkansas)
Randy and Tina Fait
Familytimerags Arrah Mae

"I would recommend Family Time Rags to anyone. We were really pleased with our little Ragdoll Boy! You could tell he was well adjusted, loved, and cared for. I feel based on our experience Stormi knows what she is doing!" (Oklahoma)
Ronda Corbett
Familytimerags Max

"I have two beautiful Ragdoll males that I purchased from Stormi and Charles in May of 2008. I worked with them over a 6 month period before bringing my kittens home. They were very helpful and made certain I had the look and personality of the kittens I had been looking for. My boys came home very healthy and socialized. I was so impressed with Stormi that within a few months I returned and got 2 more kittens for my mom. I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for heathy, beautiful kittens. The family is very involved with every litter and it shows in the personaliy of their cats." (Oklahoma)
Norma/Susan Kinzie
Familytimerags Bella and Familytimerags Mr. Sam Waddles

"Stormi and Charles were wonderful to work with. I never knew what a Ragdoll was, and they were great at answering my questions about the breed, as well as advice on caring for the breed. They care a great deal about the future care of their cats and kittens. Our little boy came home and went right to his litterbox and scratching post, and has continued to be very loving. This family takes a lot of time making sure the kittens are very social. I would recommend Familytime Rags to anyone looking to add a Ragdoll to their life. " (Oklahoma)
Cindy Davis
Familytimerags Festus

"I got a retired adult female from Familytimerags. I had wanted a Ragdoll for some time, and was excited to add her to our family. She has been everything we have hoped for and more. We love the Ragdoll breed, and think Stormi is doing a wonderful job." (Oklahoma)
Marisue G.
Ariel of Familytimerags

"My Razz, now one year old, is the sweetest, most delightful boy! A true klepto, he even managed to drop a AA battery down my disposal! He has also carried off nail clippers, eyeglasses, ballpoint pens, a hair brush, CDs & even a bottle of Excedrin- yes, in his mouth! He's amazingly endearing & hasn't an ounce of aggression. I accidentally closed him up all day in the bedroom closet, and when I got home from work, he simply ambled out, stretched & was ready for dinner! Most other cats would've freaked & torn the closet up! His fur is incredibly soft & beautiful :) What a beautiful boy- due to his excellent breeding. I'm very grateful to Stormi & Charles for helping bring him into the world! Thanks, guys! Love always, Jackie Li " (Texas)
Jackie Li
Familytimerags Razz

"My Teddy is the love of my life!! He is more beautiful in person than in his pictures!! He is worth all the 5 months I had to wait for him!! I just got My Teddy on 7-27-09 and he is so happy, secure, and friendly. The Nell Family are the Greatest at raising happy, healthy, and well adjusted kittens. The service I received from The Nells is excellent and they are so kind and thoughtful. They really care about what they are doing and where their kittens are going. I live in California so My Teddy had to be shipped. They did everything they could to make sure Teddy and I were together. I'm in a wheelchair and they worked with my girlfriend's traveling schedule to get My Teddy to me. That's dedication and it shows in My Teddy. Thank you Nell Family!!" (California)
Dorothy Durham
Familytimerags Teddy Amadeus

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