What do I need for my new Ragdoll?

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So, the day has finally came for you to bring home your new Ragdoll kitten. There may be a few things that you would like to get before the day arrives. We give a very nice kitten care package to help give you and your kitten an easy transistion into their new home. You will receive a sample bag of litter that we use, called Worlds Best Cat Litter, it is a corn based litter. It clumps, it is flushable, but it is also bio degradable, so you can place it in your garden. We do not use any clay based litter, as kittens are a lot like babies, in the fact that they like to explore with their mouth. If they accidently ingest a clay litter, it can be very dangerous to the kitten. You may want to eventually change litter brands, if you have made that decision, make sure you slowly change the litter, as some kittens/cats are very particular, and a fast change could result in refusal to use the litter pan. The best method is to mix the 2 litters, slowly changing the box to the new litter. The process could take up to 2 weeks. Some cats may take to the new litter without any problems, but it is best to go slowly. Our kittens start in an open top litter box, but gradually change into a covered litter box. We have families who have successfully toilet trained their cat, as well as having some kittens use the automatic litter boxes.

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Ragdolls adore their human counterparts. Sometimes being referred to as more like a dog in that manner. They run to greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop on you, sleep with you and just love you to death. They are gentle creatures, carefully avoiding scratching people and are good with children, elderly and dogs. They prefer purrs to yowls and keep their voices soft and quiet. Many Ragdolls enjoy playing a game of fetch with their families, and many can be taught one word commands, especially when treats are involved. Many people comment on their Ragdolls, dog-like personalities.

Due to their extremely friendly nature, Ragdolls are definitely indoor cats and should NEVER be allowed outdoors. It is our opinion, that even with supervision, Ragdolls should not be allowed out, as it gives them a false sense of security in the outdoors, and may be more likely to run out the door when opened. This can easily lead to tragedy, which has happened to many families.

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Ragdolls groom and bathe their silky coat themselves. Once in a while though their owners should give them a brushing with a steel comb as part of their cuddling and bonding time. They have a very easily managed coat, and very little care is needed.

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