Brugidolls Natsumi

Brugidolls Natsumi

Lilac Point Mitted

DOB:March 27, 2019

SIRE:Brugidolls El Kenji
Seal Mitted (Chocolate Carrier)

DAM:Brugidolls Enya
Blue Bicolor 

Natsumi came as a wonderful surprise for our family. Her wonderful breeders offered her to us, and we fell in love with her in her pictures. It was even more of a wonderful surprise when we met her in person. This beautiful girl is HUGE. At 7 months, she is already over 9 lbs. However, it is her purry, sweet self that you can't help but fall in love with. Her best friend is Velvet. I am SO thankful to Montse and Jaume for hand carrying this sweet girl to us. We loved getting to spend time with you both. We are also thankful to you for helping us with our Chocolate and Lilac program. We can't wait to have future chocolate and lilac babies!