To find out Familytimerags Planned Litters, please check below.

***Waiting List for Pet and Show Alter Kittens***

Expecting Litters

Purrla SidniAnne and RW SGC Absolutedolls Jax
are expecting around August 10, 2017
Kittens will be Seal and possible Blue Mitted and Colorpoint kittens
May carry Chocolate
Traditional Line
Waiting List OPEN

Planned (possible) Litters for Spring/Summer 2017

RW SGC FamilytimeRags All That Jazz and RW SGC FamilytimeRags Purrcy
Kittens will be Seal or Blue in Mitted Pattern ONLY.
Traditional Litter
Waiting list OPEN

QGC AdorableRags Serendipity and TBA
Kittens will be Seal and Blue, in Mitted, Bicolor, or Colorpoint pattern
Traditional Litter
Waiting list OPEN

Planned (possible) Litters for Winter 2017

SGC DsJewels Ayano and RW SGC FamilytimeRags Blue TiBearius
Kittens will be Seal, Seal Tortie, Blue, Blue Tortie, Red, or Cream in Bicolor pattern ONLY
Waiting list OPEN

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