Date of Birth: February 5th, 2007 to Nala and Ti.
I recently celebrated my 1st birthday along with my brothers and sister. I have really grown.
My family loves and spoils me. My Mommy is a photographer and loves taking pictures of me and my other family. You can see her wonderful photos of family, nature, cars, and pets.

I love spending time with my kitty sister, Princess. We have a lot of fun playing and snuggling up together when the family is gone, but my favorite place to sleep is on my Mommy and Daddy's bed. I like to cuddle with them.

They think I sit and sleep funny, always on my back or sitting in funny positions. We also love playing with many toys that Mommy gets for us, I love playing fetch. My family laughs when I chase a toy and slide around on the hard wood floors. If I had a nickname it would be Straw Thief, I love taking them from my family. I grab the straw from the soda, and take off running, so they have to chase me.

I love everyone in my family, especially my human brother and sister. I love to lay around their neck and pretend to be a "ragdoll", plus it makes them take more pictures of me, and I love the camera. My Mommy keeps asking when will I quit growing, but I am only a year old right now, so I am going to be a very big boy. Look for this boy at future TICA shows, showing in alter class.

We would like to thank Rob, Helena, Brandon, and Kyanni, for always keeping in touch, and allowing our family to watch Waffles and Princess to grow and change along with his kitty friends. If you would like to see more pictures of Waffles, from babyhood over the past year, please click on our Look how we have grown. Also to see our previous spotlights please click Past Spotlight Ragdolls.

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