Gracie, aka "Pooh Kitty":

Date of Birth: April 30th, 2005 to Marie and Berlioz.
I'll be celebrating my 2nd birthday along with my brothers very soon. The vet told mommy at my last visit that I weighed 12lbs. 2oz. and that I am very healthy. Mommy says I am very "regal".
Every morning I wake up my mommy and daddy at 6am, and I know mommy really appreciates the fact she doesn't need an alarm clock because I can talk. I eat my breakfast than I bathe, and bathe, and bathe.

Then I check out the neighborhood to make sure everything is like I left it. I love looking out my window. I play with all my toys that mommy has bought me but my most favorite is mommy's Mommy says that I sound like a horse running through the house, but I don't. I play tricks on my family, too. When they aren't looking I run up to them and swat them on the leg and run away real fast so they can't catch me.

After a long day mommy brushes me and then I sleep. It is very hard work playing all day. I love dark little places to sleep, too. Sometimes mommy and daddy can't find me because I hide

We would like to thank Barb and Robert for always keeping in touch, and allowing our family to watch Gracie grow, and she has done some growing. If you would like to see more pictures of Gracie, from babyhood over the past year,along with her brother's , Achilles, Sam, and Malachi, please click on our Look how we have grown. Also to see our previous spotlights please click Past Spotlight Ragdolls.

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