Our Home

Our name's are Stormi and Charles, along with our 2 children, Ashlan and Joey.....we are Familytime Rags. We live in a suburb of the Oklahoma City area. We began our adventure with the Ragdoll breed when we decided to get a family pet. In 2000, we adopted our first Ragdoll pet.

Joey and Kiara

We fell in love with the Ragdoll breed, because of our first Ragdoll, Toulouse. This helped to begin our adventure with the showing and breeding this amazing breed. In 2003, we decided to purchase our first breeding pair. We believe caging is cruel, and we would never cage any of our cats or kittens here. All of our girls have full run of the house. Our studs have a room all to themselves where each still gets love, attention, and playtime from our family. The stud's rooms are complete with beds, cat trees, and toys.

Ashlan and Joey

We enjoy our Ragdolls as a family, each of us place a piece of our hearts with each kitten born here, we think of showing and breeding Ragdolls, as our fun, expensive hobby. We have now been breeding Ragdolls for 13 years, and enjoy giving back.


Our goal in our breeding program, is health, temperament, and breeding beautiful Ragdolls that your family will enjoy for their lifetime. You can visit our home, our cats, our family, and know that the cats are treated as family members, and that their health and well being always comes first. We try to make the moment that you pick out your special Ragdoll kitten, very special. We hope that all adoptive parents feel comfortable to continue to share pictures and updates as the kittens grow. There is nothing like being owned and loved by a Ragdoll! We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a bit about our family and that you enjoy our site.

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